Spelman Thy Name We Praise
Hymn & Alumnae Prayer

Spelman Hymn

Spelman, thy name we praise 
Standards and honor raise 
We’ll ever faithful be 
Throughout eternity 
May peace with thee abide 
And God forever guide 
Thy heights supreme and true 
Blessings to you. 

Through years of toil and pain 
May thy dear walls remain 
Beacons of heavenly light, 
Undaunted by the fight 
And when life’s race is won, 
Thy noble work is done 
Oh, God forever bind 
Our hearts to thine 

Words and music by Eddye Mae Money, C’1934

Alumnae Prayer

Almighty God, maker of all mankind, 
Bless those gathered here in unity of purpose. 
Instill within our hearts love and respect 
for each other, 
Open our minds to new ideas; 
Give us patient wisdom and foresight to plan, 
And carry out those plans. 
Give us calm strength to build for the future, 
To lead, to teach, to create, to select, 
to govern, to direct, 
And in so doing, engender true sisterhood. 
Help us to enkindle that which is just, true, 
and good 
For our Alma Mater, Spelman College. 
We ask this in the name of one God, 
Now and forever. 

by Virginia Turner Dowell